Summer is here, which means hurricane season is in full swing. While you may not have had a run in with a major named storm, it’s still a good idea to be prepared. Preparing for a storm can prevent your family from harm or your home needing storm damage restoration after.

Have a Plan: Make sure you and your family have a discussion of what should happen if a major storm is on the way. Have an escape route and a safe place planned out beforehand. Make a list of valuables to take with you, including important papers and phone numbers you might need after the storm. By having all of this together before the storm, you can quickly act when it happens.

Gather Supplies: If you do plan on staying at home to ride out a storm, you should have all of the supplies you need way before a storm is called in. Have about one to two weeks of non-perishable food items and water that you and your family can use stocked up. Make sure any vital medications are filled, and buy batteries, flashlights and other gear early in the season before the crowds.

Prepare Your Home: Before a storm, take a look at the state of your home. Note any minor damages and try to have them repaired before the season. Inventory storm shutters and ensure that your windows and doors will be covered. Also, if you have a generator, make sure it is working.

By taking the time early in the season to prepare, you can focus on keeping your family safe when a storm does arrive. If you do run into damages after a storm, call DKI Services. Our teams are highly qualified and ready to do storm damage restoration work when they are called.