A disaster can strike at a moment’s notice. While you can prepare for the worst, sometimes there is just no avoiding the major damage a natural disaster can cause. When it is safe for your family to return, these are three things you should do before acting on our 24 hour emergency services:

Inspect Your Surroundings

Simply put, if your home doesn’t look safe, don’t go in. Call in an expert to ensure that your home is safe enough to return to. If your home has minimal damage, inspect your home and take note of damages. If you can, take pictures to later show your insurance company.

Take Inventory of Important Things

When you can return to your home, begin to check for important belongings and documents. Check for birth certificates, passports, deeds, and other documents. If damaged or missing, be sure to call the appropriate agency to start the process for the replacement immediately. Additionally, look for irreplaceable belongings, such as photos and mementos.  Moving them from the affected areas can keep them from further damage.

Make a Plan

Be sure to call family and friends to tell them you are safe. If you cannot return to your home, find lodging that you can stay in until your home is safe to return to. Start contacting insurance agencies to begin the claims process. Finally, call a contractor who specializes in disaster recovery, preferably one with 24 hour emergency services. By having a game plan, you can recover quickly and return to normal.

By preparing for disasters, you can sometimes lessen the amount of damage your home can sustain. However, when the unthinkable happens, call DKI to assess and start renovations. Together, our professional team can have you back in your home as soon as possible.