Dec 3, 2014

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

The holiday season is meant for relaxing and spending time with your loved ones. However, often times stress and exhaustion arise amidst all the joy and cheer. Have you ever had the following thoughts?

It’s December?! Man, this year flew by! Or, do I really have to host this year? My place is a disaster, and I don’t have the time to clean!

If these are currently running through your head, you’re not alone. Avoid dreading this season and wanting to hibernate until January by following these simple steps to an enjoyable holiday.

Plan Ahead

Are you hosting a holiday party? Are you cooking, or do you want a potluck? Who do you need to buy presents for? What is your budget?

  • Create a calendar of all holiday events and a to-do list. Don’t be afraid to say “No” to an invite if you have overlapping activities/parties.
  • Set a budget for presents, decorations, food, etc. Consider paying with cash so you don’t go over your limit.
  • Start shopping as early as you can. Take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.
  • Stock up on any items you will need for a party (plates, cups, napkins, serving dishes, etc.).
  • Clean and decorate your home throughout December so you won’t have to do it all at once before the event.

Ask for Help:

You may be “Superman,” but even super heroes could use some help every now and then.

  • Consider holding a potluck, or only preparing the main course for your holiday party and having guests bring side dishes and beverages.
  • If you have little ones, they usually like to have a hand in helping. Depending on their age, give them a task – Setting the table, cleaning up after, or prepping the dishes.
  • If you have questions regarding cooking temperatures and times, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a meat and poultry hotline: Toll Free 1-888-MPHotline.

Shopping Guide:

Take advantage of internet sales. Check out the following sites for daily and weekly deals in your area:

Don’t forget to document the order details. Print out or save any orders, containing order numbers, and keep track of packages and arrival dates.

Don’t Forget to Do YOU:

Don’t get too wrapped up in catering to everyone else this holiday. Mark off some personal time for yourself. What makes you happy?

  • Get lunch with friends.
  • Volunteer in a community project.
  • Read a good book, while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee.
  • Watch your favorite holiday movies next to a cozy fire.
  • Pamper yourself.

With these simple tips, the holiday season will be over before you know it, but it will have been an enjoyable one.