Thinking of owning a rental property? Being a landlord is a great way to earn additional income and equity on a property. However, there are a couple things you should do before acquiring any property. Here are three tips that will make life easier in the long run:

First, check over the place completely for mold, water damage, or even smoke damage. If you notice anything, talk to the realtor you are buying from. You should also call restoration contractors to review and start any work before tenants move in.

Next, check appliances to ensure they are in good condition and working properly. Unless you can tell that they are brand new, you’re better off spending money now and replacing them. You’ll avoid more costly repairs, possible leaks, and angry tenants later.

Finally, take photos of the home before anyone moves in. That way, you have evidence of how clean the house is and its condition before anyone comes in. You can also use it to dispute any damages when it comes time for the tenants to move.

When you encounter any damages in your rental properties, call DKI’s restoration contractors to quickly fix the damages. They can fix any damages from current or previous tenants and help everyone settle into their new home.