Floods are among the most destructive forces in nature, and they affect every state from coast to coast. Whether the result of torrential rainfall, broken dams, storm surges, or rivers bursting their banks, floodwaters can sweep through entire cities and relentlessly damage anything in their path.

While many cities have flood control measures in place, you can take matters into your own hands with small-scale flood barriers. These temporary devices hold back or redirect floodwaters around your home or business, thus protecting the property from damage. Unlike anchoring and raising equipment, changing the landscaping around your home, or completing extensive renovations, flood barriers do not alter the permanent aesthetic value of your home. Learn more about flood barriers to help you decide if you could benefit from this form of protection.

Types of Flood Barriers

Temporary flood barriers are a more effective flood-proofing measure than sandbags. These barriers come in many forms to meet your building’s needs.

  • Doorway flood barriers are aluminum or composite panels custom-made to fit the width of your building’s entryway. They require permanent channel posts to be installed inside the doorjamb. Then, when the panel slides into place, it creates a watertight seal against encroaching floodwaters.
  • Retractable flood barriers are built into the ground around the building. They rise using hydrostatic pressure as floodwaters approach. While they don’t stand as tall as doorway barriers, they engage automatically, protect the perimeter around the building, and avoid blocking entryways.
  • Water-filled dams absorb rising floodwaters to gradually and evenly fill as the threat of flooding increases. Once full, the dam sits firmly against the ground to resist water penetration. After the risk of flooding passes, the dam deflates, leaving a portable, lightweight, geotextile shell you can easily store onsite.

Who Needs Home Flood Protection?

Everyone living in a flood-prone area should have some form of flood protection around their home or business. After all, a mere inch of floodwater can cause thousands of dollars of structural damage. Without the proper precautions, you run the risk of not only a damaged structure but the loss of irreplaceable belongings. Flood protection helps you avoid the hassles associated with recovering from a flood, allowing you to simply tuck the barriers away and resume your regular daily life.

Emergency preparation goes a long way, but if a flood has already damaged your home or business, rest assured that recovery is certainly possible. DKI is here to ensure a safe, orderly, and effective cleanup, drawing on decades of experience and access to the industry’s best flood restoration tools. Our process begins with a damage assessment, followed by contents disposal, personal property restoration, structural drying, and decontamination. If mold has set in, we can remediate that as well. With our help, things will be back to normal as soon as possible.

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