Many people are aware of common ways fires are started, such as wiring problems, electrical equipment malfunctioning or lit cigarette butts. In your office, there may already be a plan in place to prevent these types of fires from breaking out. For example, preventative measures might include having a smoking section a safe distance away from the building or making sure IT checks machines regularly to make sure everything is running properly.

It’s never fun to have to make that call to fire restoration contractors and put your business on hold. A fire that could have been easily avoided by taking precautionary action is nothing short of inconvenient.

Maintain office security and minimize any damages by properly training your employees on what to do in the event of a fire. Keep extinguishers on hand to put out any fires in the way of employees safely evacuating. Also, put safety checks in place to ensure all office equipment is safely working.

By taking the time to properly train employees and check equipment, you can prevent many fires. If you do encounter a fire and have damages, give DKI a call. They’re equipped to quickly clean up and assess any damages.