Wind is one of the most destructive forces on the planet, and spring is known for its severe weather bringing large storm systems, heavy rain and dangerous winds. Whether you live in Tornado Alley, a hurricane region, or somewhere prone to windstorms, follow these tips to protect your home from strong winds.

Trim Your Trees

Be proactive and arrange to have your trees trimmed back before the next storm hits. Strong winds can snap branches, potentially damaging your roof or siding if the limbs are too close to your home. Remove branches that overhang power lines as well, because this is a recipe for a power outage. Then, avoid parking your car under a tree if a storm is expected to blow in. Fallen branches or toppled trees can smash vehicles that happen to be in the way.

Install Storm Shutters

High winds can carry debris many miles. This means, no matter what precautions you take in your yard, a storm could still damage your windows. If the glass breaks, your home becomes more vulnerable to water damage, flying debris, and the roof lifting off the house.

To prevent these problems, homeowners in tornado- and hurricane-prone areas should consider installing storm shutters and storm doors. Numerous interior and exterior options are available to fit your home’s design style while providing much needed wind protection.

Have Standby Power Ready

Wind and rain are major sources of power surges and outages. Downed branches can snap power lines, and lightning strikes can blow transformers. To safeguard your sensitive electronics, consider installing whole-house surge protection. A backup generator is also a wise investment to keep the power on during long-term electrical outages.

Check Your House for Weaknesses

Long before the weather turns violent, assess your home to determine how well it can weather the storm. Experts advise checking four areas — the roof, windows, exterior doors, and garage door.

Adding hurricane straps to your existing roof is an effective way to prevent high winds from lifting it off the rest of the house. Impact-resistant exterior doors and windows reduce the risk of flying debris breaking through. And, reinforced, hurricane-rated garage doors are recommended if you live in a region prone to tornadoes, hurricanes or heavy windstorms.

Tidy Up the Yard

If a storm is heading your way, store all loose outdoor objects properly. This includes moving gardening tools and potted plants to the garage, tethering lawn furniture and playground equipment, and bringing sporting supplies and kids’ toys into the house. Any loose items left outside could blow away or become dangerous projectiles, depending on the wind speed and the object’s size. It is always better to feel overprepared than to regret being underprepared.

We hope these tips keep your home and personal property safe! If storm damage occurs, rest assured that DKI is here to help you recover. We also offer preventative services, including emergency board-up and tree removal. We have over 200 locations across the United States, so contact us today to request the services you need in your area.