Even after starting a new year, we have only recently begun to understand the tragedy and destruction left behind by the hurricane season of 2017. With an estimated cost of over $200 billion from Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey, last year’s hurricane season brought some of the most dangerous and expensive hurricanes to the United States. To prepare for this year’s storm season, we have created a helpful list of items that need to be checked prior to a storm:

  • Backup Generator – Generators should be tested on a regular basis, but most importantly, make sure to inspect these on the immediate days preceding a major storm. It is also a good precautionary step to reevaluate the placement of the backup generator to prevent potential water damage from storm surges.
  • Master Contact List – You can prepare for a storm’s aftermath by creating a physical contact list with emergency contacts, such as government agencies, key stakeholders, and damage restoration services for healthcare facilities.
  • Supply – As first responders to a major disaster, it is important to stock up on enough supplies, such as fuel, medical supplies, food, and clean water for the days following the emergency event.

If a storm has damaged your facility, it is important to contain infection and damage to only the affected area. DKI Services damage restoration for healthcare utilizes STARC Airtight Containment so you can continue seeing patients while we restore your facility.