Facts You Didn’t Know About Chimney Fires

Fire and smoke coming out of a home's chimney

You may not know it, but as you bask in the warmth of your fireplace or wood stove this fall, you could be risking a possible chimney fire. Since National Chimney Safety Week is the last week of September, there’s no better time to learn the facts about chimney fires. Characteristics of a Chimney Fire When you light a fire… Continue reading

Emergency Planning Tips in Time for National Preparedness Month

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

The Department of Homeland Security has declared September as National Preparedness Month. A natural disaster or major accident could occur in your area at any time, so it’s vital to prepare today. Save for a “rainy day”: Having an emergency fund can help if you face a crisis that prevents you from working. Your fund may include a savings account… Continue reading

Be Aware of Fall Weather Hazards


Summer is drawing to a close, and the weather is starting to cool. You may be looking forward to cozy sweaters, football games, and pumpkin spice lattes, but there are also plenty of hazards to watch out for this fall. Follow these tips to safely navigate through the changing weather. Floodwater Fall is often a time for rainy weather, which… Continue reading

How to Protect Your Home from Fire and Flood While You’re Away

Electrical wires laying on the floor and plugged into the wall

When you go on vacation, the goal is to relax and enjoy visiting somewhere new. You don’t want to get distracted worrying about what might be happening at home. Enjoy peace of mind with these tips to prevent fire and flood damage while you’re away. Install a monitored security system with environmental sensors: The primary purpose of a security system… Continue reading

10 Kitchen Hazards that Create a Recipe for Disaster


You may think of the kitchen as a relaxing place for family and friends to gather. However, the heart of your home can also be more hazardous than you probably realize. Here are the 10 most common kitchen hazards and how to avoid them. No fire extinguisher: You hope you never need to use it, but having a fire extinguisher… Continue reading

How to Teach Kids About School Fire Safety


Is it back-to-school season already? As kids become accustomed to their new schedules, fire safety should be on everyone’s minds. Whether you’re a parent or teacher, be sure to cover these fire safety topics with your children or students. Stop, Drop, and Roll The thought of having your clothes or hair catch fire is pretty terrifying. If you panic, you… Continue reading

The Effects of High Humidity on Indoor Air Quality


When you think about home comfort, the temperature might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, humidity is also a critical component of indoor comfort and air quality. Dry air is a concern in the winter, but high humidity can be even more damaging in the summer. Learn how buildings can become too humid and why a damp… Continue reading

Recovering from Water Damage: The Importance of Rapid Structural Drying

Reflection in a puddle of an adult man at destroyed ruined building

From a flood, to a burst pipe, to a leaky roof, numerous events can cause water damage in your home. The key to preventing mold and the damage that comes with it is to dry the structure as quickly as possible. Here are the principles behind rapid structural drying that DKI utilizes when performing water damage restoration. Water Extraction &… Continue reading


(July 26, 2019) – Bouchard Cleaning & Restoration, a member company of DKI’s elite property restoration network, today announced they were voted the Best Cleaning Company and the Best Cleaning & Restoration Company of Bangor, ME by Market Surveys of America. This is the fifth consecutive year Bouchard has earned this recognition. (more…) Continue reading


[caption id="attachment_3741" align="alignright" width="300"] From Left to Right: Michelle Miliken, Maddie Miliken, Sue Kersemeier, and Lauri Nooyen of K-tech Charities[/caption] (July 23, 2019) – K-tech Kleening Systems, a member of DKI’s elite disaster restoration contracting organization, proudly announced they raised more than $70,000 during the 16th annual Pink Ribbon Open golf tournament that was held on June 10, 2019. To… Continue reading