How to Get Rid of that Nasty Skunk Smell

Skunk in a meadow

Skunks are typically non-aggressive animals, but if threatened, they may spray their famously putrid perfume in your direction. The “skunky” smell can linger for two or three weeks, and the longer you wait to treat it, the harder it is to neutralize. If you, your pet, or your home has been skunked, follow these tips to eliminate the odor. Why… Continue reading

8 Tips to Build an Emergency Fund

Emergency plan or Disaster Preparedness on the desk.

You never know when disaster will strike. That’s why it’s essential to have food, water, medication, and personal hygiene items on hand in case of an emergency. It’s equally important to set some money aside for a rainy day. Follow these tips to help you build an emergency fund bit by bit. Make a budget: This is as simple as… Continue reading

How to Dry Wet Carpet

If you have wet carpet due to flooding or a burst pipe, you must dry it as quickly as possible. Neglecting the problem for more than 24 to 48 hours could allow mold to start growing, so begin the drying process as soon as you discover the damage. Then, call a remediation company promptly to request a water damage evaluation.… Continue reading

Are You Ready for a Possible Flood?

Close-up of flooded floors in kitchen

Floods are the most common natural disaster in North America and can occur just about anywhere. Sources of flooding include rain, snowmelt, coastal storms, ocean swells, overflowing dams, broken levees, and more. Floods can happen any time of year, but melting snow and heavy rains in the spring make March a particularly common month for flooding. Here’s what you need… Continue reading

5 Fast Facts About Water Damage

Roof with water damage

You work hard to keep your home or business in good condition, so it’s frustrating to find evidence of leaks and floods. Review these five fast facts to understand water damage and how to address it should your property experience it. A Little Prevention Goes a Long Way You can’t always protect against leaks and floods, but taking a few… Continue reading


The April 14 Conference has been postponed until further notice. March 5, 2020 – DKI is proud to announce Warren Barhorst as its keynote speaker for its annual conference: Connect 2020. Barhorst’s keynote speech will be presented in New Orleans, LA the morning of April 14 during the conference General Session. (more…) Continue reading

March is the Start of Severe Weather Season—Be Prepared!

The severe weather season is broadly categorized as March through August. No matter where you reside in North America, you’re at risk for one type of storm or another. Take action today to prepare your home and business for potential inclement weather. How to Prepare for a Tornado Every state is at least minimally at risk for tornadoes, but cities… Continue reading


[caption id="attachment_4063" align="alignright" width="265"] Sherry Featherstone, owner of ProTech Water Damage, serving greater Chicagoland.[/caption] February 28, 2020 – ProTech Water Damage, a member company of DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, is honored to announce that it has been certified as a Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB). Per the National Women Business Owners Corporation (NWBOC),… Continue reading

Is Food Safe to Eat After a Fire?

Recovering from a house fire can be an overwhelming task. You’re left to assess your losses and salvage what you can. What about the food in your pantry and refrigerator? Is it safe to eat? To avoid exposing you and your family to contaminated food, follow these tips when cleaning up your kitchen after a fire.  Why Does Fire Make Food Unsafe? … Continue reading

Understanding the Impact of Smoke Damage

Consider what it’s like to recover from a house fire. You may picture discarding charred items that burned in the flames. However, smoke can be just as devastating, no matter the size or location of the fire. In the case of wildfires, buildings can be totally destroyed from smoke damage, even as they remain untouched by flames.  How Does Smoke Affect Your Home?  Smoke can devastate a building and its contents. Possessions… Continue reading