When the weather is warm and the sun is shining, it’s easy to go for a run or do laps in the neighborhood pool. Things aren’t so simple during the doldrums of winter, especially when the coronavirus pandemic still has many indoor pools and gyms closed. This may have you wondering—what outdoor winter activities are available? Here are some ideas to help you stay active when it’s cold.

Walking and Running

These are the simplest outdoor winter activities you can try. Just remember to dress in layers and wear comfortable walking or running shoes. Watch out for uneven surfaces or icy patches as well.

Also, remember to stretch before you head out and again after you return home. Engage in dynamic stretching to warm and loosen up your muscles at the start of the workout. Then, do static stretches once your walk or run is complete. Hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds to help increase your flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.


If you have the right gear, hiking is an outdoor activity you can enjoy year-round. Start off slow to avoid planning a route you can’t handle, and remember that high-quality, waterproof hiking boots are a must to prevent cold, wet feet.

Layers are essential when hiking as well. Wear a moisture-wicking polyester shirt as the first layer, insulating wool or fleece jacket as the second layer, and a wind-breaking/rain-repelling coat as the outer layer. Take these layers off and put them back on as needed to balance your rising body temperature with the cold mountain air.


This activity is safest on warm, dry winter days. To avoid slipping on icy patches, stick to shoveled and deiced roads and trails. Cycling tends to be gentler on your knees than running, but feel free to experiment with the seat height and position to find what works for you.


Whether you prefer downhill or cross-country, skiing is an excellent wintertime activity. As with other forms of exercise, it’s important to ease yourself into it so your body can build up strength and endurance in the right muscles. Before you invest in ski equipment, be sure to contact the resorts in your area and ask how their operations may differ during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ice Skating

From laidback outings to rigorous hockey games, ice skating is a popular activity all over the country. When skating for aerobic purposes, remember to stretch your hips and core muscles before hitting the ice. Also, make sure your skates fit well and support your ankles. Taking lessons may be a good idea as well to learn proper form, reduce falls, and prevent injuries.

Safety is the highest priority for us here at DKI. We hope that with the proper emergency preparedness, you can avoid any incidents this winter. However, if you require storm damage repair, mold remediation, or fire and smoke restoration, you can count on us to facilitate your recovery. Reach us online or call 844-354-2255 to request services today.