Emergency situations can happen in the blink of an eye, especially those that cause water damage. When the worst happens, calling an emergency water damage restoration company can help you get back on your feet quickly. Once you are allowed back into your home and the property is deemed safe, these are a few things you should do after calling an emergency restoration service:

  • Take photos of what you can

Help your insurance process by taking pictures of the damage. Try to be as detailed as possible. The more you can show, the more you can help your claim and get the money you need to get back to normal.

  • Have insurance claims and policies ready

Speaking of insurance, make sure you have your insurance paperwork and policies handy. If you usually have to evacuate in the event of an emergency, be sure they are with you when you leave. If not, make sure you have copies ready when you call restoration services and when you make your claim.

  • Move non-damaged items out of the house

If you are allowed back into your property, make sure you move out any items that are in the affected space. Take inventory of what is there for insurance purposes. Also, throw out any items that are beyond repair. Most emergency water damage restoration services also offer property restoration, so be sure to talk to them about possible restoration to those damaged items.

By calling an emergency restoration service after you find damage in your home, you can get back to normal quicker than by just calling a regular contractor. For professional, water restoration services, call DKI for fast, emergency service.