Jan 21, 2014

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

Last week we discussed the value of allowing employees’ to embellish the office walls with their ideas and proposals. In order to get these creative juices flowing though, the mind needs to be alert.


Make sure the office is well lit. Light is great for boosting brain power and production. If certain rooms have windows, open them. Natural sunlight is best for the brain to awaken and be active.


Consider tearing down those cubicle walls that isolate employees from one another, and open up the office! A study, led by Psychologist Franklin Becker, PhD, director of the Cornell University International Workplace Studies Program found that “Open work spaces foster more employee productivity, learning and camaraderie than do closed offices or cubicles.”

So, open the office and let the light shine through. This will better the employees’ mindsets at work and help them stay focused, while also opening the door for collaboration among each other.