Jan 9, 2015

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

As we learned from last week’s color post, splashing the walls and office with some color can liven a room and environment to induce creativity, while allowing employees to adorn their own space with personal items can make a more appealing office environment. In addition, merging all employees’ personalities can invoke inspiration.

Google is the epitome of utilizing design for an effective workplace. Unfortunately, not every business has a comparable budget to redesign their office space. However, it’s easy to recreate some of Google’s ideas in a budget-friendly way.

For an example related to integrating all individualities into one, the company is lined with whiteboard walls, inspiring creativity and innovation throughout the campus. This can easily and inexpensively be replicated for a small-business. Simply head to a local supply or hardware store and pick up some dry-erase whiteboard paint and some colorful whiteboard markers. You can choose to paint the whole office or just one wall for an “idea board.” This inexpensive redesign will help cover your walls with inspiration and color!

Who grew up being told if you write/draw on the walls, “You get soap in your mouth?” Well, no more! This technique encourages people to cover the walls with personal illustrations! Not only will it be fun for your employees, as a type of thrill of rebellion, it will entice them to share their thoughts and collaborate ideas.

If, for whatever reason you cannot paint your walls, consider purchasing a large whiteboard or corkboard to encourage employees to write ideas or pin up inspirational quotes.

Then, let the ideas flow, and watch as your office’s formerly dull walls turn into a beautiful, colorful foundation of inspiration!