July 3, 2018 – DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, today announced that J.L. Fox of Indianapolis, IN has renewed its DKI franchise membership.

In order to renew, J.L. Fox has to continually meet DKI’s membership requirements of providing proper licenses, insurance minimums, certifications and background checks, and fulfilling a minimum volume of work.

By remaining with the DKI network, J.L. Fox will be able to continue to utilize the resources, equipment and support from DKI’s nationwide network, as well as participate in DKI’s co-op programs and leverage DKI’s corporate marketing efforts.

“We are delighted to continue J.L. Fox’s membership with DKI. Their professional and excellent customer service parallels with our organization and can help us continue to grow the value of our nationwide team,” said Charles Ebersole, DKI’s CEO.

J.L. Fox CEO, John Fox and COO, Katie Martin, are proud to meet DKI’s high standards, since it has always stood for excellence in the industry. The opportunity to work in partnership with the finest quality restoration contractors in the DKI network has allowed J.L. Fox to develop new markets and ensure continued success.

About J.L. Fox

Established in 1982, J.L. Fox, Inc is a general contractor that specializes in providing disaster restoration in the greater Indianapolis and central Indiana areas. It has a highly tenured team of carpenters, painters and emergency water specialists with the expertise to produce the highest quality repairs and satisfaction to each of its client. For 24/7 emergency response, please call 317-255-4144, or visit www.jlfox.com to learn more.