June 17, 2015

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

Last week we touched upon the importance of creating a mobile app for your business, and we shared our experience with our new American Red Cross Emergency App.

Now, let’s run through three simple benefits of utilizing and promoting our app for your business as a DKI Member, or even creating your own branded app.

Reasons to go mobile:

  • Stay Top of Mind

When people download your app, they view it every time they access their phones. Even if they do not physically open your app or even think about it, they will unintentionally retain the visuals and text of the app’s icon.

By partnering up with a major player, like the Red Cross, our brand is now affiliated with a well-known company. When people see the Red Cross icon, they may think of DKI. Furthermore, with a name like Emergency, whenever there is an actual emergency, it might trigger the user to access the app for information or to contact us for help. The item a person is most likely to grab in an emergency situation is his or her cell phone, and according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), about 70 percent of emergency calls are placed from cell phones, and that percentage is growing each year.

  • Content Marketing

Your app can provide as much information as you want it to include. It can provide a detailed list of your products and services, contact information, and even blogs and newsfeeds. Instead of creating an app that is solely opened when there is an emergency, attach information or new events that would prompt the user to access more often.

We’ve been working closely with the Red Cross to continue updating and improving the Emergency App with safety tips and knowledge, to not only alert the user of an emergency, but to also inform the user how to prevent future emergencies, which is useful and engages the user at any time.

  • Customer Service

A great benefit of an app is to provide a simple method of excellent, accessible customer service. With tracking technology, your support center may even be able to capture the contact and location of the person without asking for this information. Your app may even address any concerns the customer may have without requiring them to speak with a representative.

So, are you ready to go mobile? Increase your customer loyalty, build new leads and remain top of mind when over half of America reaches for their mobile devices and scrolls through their list of apps – yours could be one of those.