Evacuating, whether voluntarily or mandatory, can be stressful. You might be worried about taking care of family members, pets, and ensuring that your home is safe while you leave. Taking important things, such as irreplaceable documents and items, medications, and emergency supplies are key when evacuating. But, what happens when you return? Do you have the phone numbers you need in order to get back on your feet? These are the three numbers you should have with you when you evacuate.

You should have your insurance numbers on you to file any damage claims. Also, health insurance numbers will come in handy if you need medical attention.

School/Work Hotlines: Many companies will have an emergency line to inform employees if work is closed, to check in, and to assist once the storm has cleared. Schools usually have them too to report closings and for you to report if your student won’t be in class.

Disaster Restoration: How do you start picking up the pieces after a catastrophe? Residential disaster restoration companies are usually on standby to help once the worst has passed. Have a number of a company you can trust on hand so you waste no time and can call when the coast is clear.

Have DKI’s number in your phone’s contact list, especially during hurricane season: 844-DKI-CALL. After your family has returned and assessed the damage, our residential disaster restoration team can be there to start cleaning up.