May 27, 2015

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week. Even if you don’t live in a high-risk area for severe weather, it’s important to have and communicate a plan and have an emergency kit in case of any emergency event. You and your staff will be thankful you did!

So, is your business prepared? If not, it’s as simple as 1…2…3!

  • PLAN

Should a disaster occur, do you know what to do?

What’s your evacuation procedure? If you have to close the physical location of the business, how do you plan to remain in operation, even if only minimally?

Make sure to photograph and document office equipment and furniture (for insurance purposes).

And, remember:


Hold a meeting to communicate the disaster plan to your team of employees. Break the ice with a pop quiz – Who knows the difference between a watch and a warning? What measures should you take for each? (Just in case: A HURRICANE WATCH means to be on guard. A HURRICANE WARNING means get out and head to safety.)

Consider documenting your plan and distributing among each employee. Graphics are a good idea to convey your message to your staff without a lot of unnecessary reading.

If your staff is more of tactile learners, you can practice disaster drills to ensure everyone follow direction in the case of a real emergency.


Do you have an emergency supplies kit in the office? If not, now is better than ever to prepare!

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make sure you include these items:

  • First aid kit
  • Plenty of water bottles
  • Non-perishable food
  • Clothing
  • Blankets
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • A binder of contacts (Names and contact information of all staff and an out-of-town emergency contact)

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