There were over 300,000 house fires in 2015 according to the National Fire Protection Association. Fires can be caused by a variety of different things, including smoking, cooking, and electrical issues. While some are completely out of our control, many house fire causes can be prevented. By taking these small steps, you can prevent injury, death, major property damage, and having to call fire restoration contractors

1. Get rid of equipment with frayed wires. After unplugging, check any electrical appliances and look for frayed, bent, or otherwise damaged wires or plugs.

2. Watch Burning Candles and Oil Warmers. Ensure that they are being used under proper conditions. Make sure you’ve extinguished the flame or turned off burners when unsupervised. If using these items decoratively, make sure the container or display you’re burning them with isn’t flammable.

3. Dispose of and store chemicals properly. If you work with automotive chemicals or abrasive household cleaners, be sure to follow all directions on how to store them. If disposing of these chemicals, call your local waste management company on how to safely do so.

There are plenty of ways to prevent a house fire, but these are a couple that most homeowners tend to overlook. By exercising caution, you can prevent fires from occurring. If you do need fire restoration contractors for your home or business, call DKI Services. Their expert team can quickly and carefully restore your property to pre-fire conditions.