With temperatures starting to rise and the warm weather coming to many snow-ridden cities, you might be starting your annual spring cleaning routine. The spring sunlight has a way of exposing home issues that require maintenance and care. When following your regularly scheduled spring cleaning, it might be time to check for damage in the following areas that may have been affected by the cold weather:

Roof – If you live in an area that is heavily affected by snow, check your shingles, gutters, chimneys and other roof structures for any cracked, buckled, or loose parts that may need replacement. Also, clear your gutters of any leaves or debris. This is especially important when preparing for the tornado season that starts in the spring.

Faucets and Pipes – During the winter, faucets, and pipes can become frozen due to the cold temperature. Check for any leaks or damages, and hire an expert for frozen pipe repairs if need be. This is also a good time to clear the drains of any hair or residue.

Repaint – Heavy exposure to cold weather and snow can expose your home’s structure to water damage and rotting. As soon as the snow passes, it might be time to bring out the pressure washer, scrape off old paint, and repaint any exposed areas. Failing to do so could eventually lead to the need for mold remediation services, caused by water damage.

Spring cleaning is all about repairing from the winter and preparing for warmer weather. DKI is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all your professional damage restoration needs.