Independence Day is right around the corner! You probably have traditions you look forward to every year, such as grilling, boating, or watching fireworks. By following these simple Fourth of July safety tips, you can enjoy a fun, memorable holiday without putting your friends or family in harm’s way.

Grilling Safety Tips

Independence Day is the most popular US holiday for barbequing. As a result, grilling fires peak in July. Make sure you enjoy your burgers, hotdogs, and steaks safely with these tips:

  • Check your gas grill for cracks, holes, or leaks before turning it on. These problems are the primary cause of grilling fires and explosions.
  • Designate a five-foot radius around the grill as a no-kids and no-pets zone.
  • Use and store your grill on a flat, stable surface.
  • Never leave food unattended on the grill.
  • Clean your grill before each use to remove flammable grease buildup.
  • Roll up your sleeves, tie back your hair, and wear an apron that keeps your clothes tight against your body while grilling.
  • Never grill in an enclosed space or below low-lying tree branches that could catch on fire.
  • Keep the grill at least two feet away from deck railings, siding, and other combustible materials.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Never attempt to throw water on a grease fire.

Water Activity Safety Tips

Your family may love cooling off on the Fourth of July by going swimming, boating, or enjoying other fun water activities. Reduce the risk of injuries and incidents with these tips:

  • Never drink alcohol while operating a boat.
  • Before setting sail, make sure there are enough life vests for everyone.
  • Don’t leave children unattended by the pool.
  • Keep a first aid kit on the boat or near the swimming area.
  • Wear sunscreen and reapply every two hours.

Firework and Sparkler Safety Tips

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks start over 19,000 fires and send over 9,000 people to the emergency room every year in the US. The safest option is to skip consumer fireworks and sparklers altogether. In fact, they are illegal in many areas, so check your county’s rules regarding firework use before you purchase any. If you choose to use them, follow these tips:

  • Never disassemble or attempt to make your own fireworks.
  • Never allow young children to handle fireworks or sparklers.
  • Set fireworks on the ground in a dry, fire-resistant area before lighting them.
  • Don’t attempt to light multiple fireworks at the same time.
  • Don’t relight “duds.” Instead, soak them in water and throw them away.
  • Enjoy a local, professional fireworks show, if available, but leave your pet at home for their safety.

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