While flash floods can occur with little to no warning, they most commonly happen between spring and fall. However, depending on your geographic location, these times can vary. Here are some location-specific tidbits for homeowners to stay on top of natural disasters and potential flash flood threats.

Coastal Areas

Though they have a reputation for being hot and sunny, states like Florida, Georgia, and Texas see more storms than many other states. And, hurricane season brings intense storms in these areas-with the trouble starting around the beginning of June.

Southwestern Areas

Many Southwestern states see seasonal monsoons from thunderstorms, between late summer to fall, that can appear and disappear within hours. It’s a good idea to have a flood repair service on speed dial during this time of year, as flash floods are especially sudden.

Mountainous Areas

 If you live near mountains, particularly at their foot, you may be at risk for early spring flash floods. These floods are caused by melting snow, which can overwhelm nearby waterways. And, if your area received more snowfall than usual, this flooding may be more intense.

In the event that flooding does occur to your home or business, be ready to call the experts at DKI to find out more about getting your property back to normal.