Is your business celebrating the holiday season? While decking the halls, be sure that you are still taking the proper safety precautions your business needs to stay safe. The Consumer Product Safety Commission, or the CPSC, estimates that roughly $16 billion in property damage is done every year during the holidays. The main cause cited for these damages is fires, triggered by either electrical, kitchen, or firework mishaps. Stay safe and avoid having to call a fire damage restoration service with these tips:

Decorations are a great way to be festive in the workplace. When decorating, be sure that items aren’t too close to heat sources, such as candles or portable heaters. Additionally, ensure that all decorations that use wall outlets have plugs and wires that are intact. Frayed or damaged wires can easily lead to a fire.

Putting up a Christmas tree in your office?  Like other decorations, keep both live and fake trees away from electrical or heat sources. Be sure live trees have plenty of water and do not block emergency exits.

If you’re using fireworks for a holiday event, follow all directions on the packaging. Have responsible adults light and set up the fireworks. Keep spectators a safe distance away and light fireworks away from them and nearby structures. After the show is over, confirm all fireworks have been detonated and are disposed of properly.

Make the holidays even merrier by taking safety precautions to keep everyone safe. If you do experience a fire, even after the holiday season, call DKI right away. Our fire damage restoration service team can be on the job shortly after fire crews give the all clear. Keep their number in your phone or call them today to see how they can help you recover from a fire emergency.