Oct 13, 2016

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

Thank you – Those two words that most parents try to instill in their children from an early age. When Uncle George bought you that toy that was “so last year,” you begrudgingly smiled and choked up a “Thank you, Uncle.” And, as you get older, those two simple words become second nature, and often more sincere. When a stranger holds the door for you, or someone allows you to “go ahead” as you clutch onto that gallon of milk in a grocery line of ten people long, it’s almost reflexive to voice your gratitude.

However, how many times do you hear these words in your office, other than the standard closing of an email? Do you thank your co-workers for their help with a project? Probably. Do you thank your boss for giving up his or her time to discuss something? Do you thank him for the opportunity to work for the company? Are you too rushed in between meetings to even acknowledge that he held the door open for you as you struggle to hold onto those piles of presentations?

Gratitude is one of those things that most people don’t expect, but can entirely change one’s mentality and build positivity. People like to feel appreciated for their hard work or courtesy. At work, it’s often too easy to get caught up and frustrated or stressed. And, who feels more so than the boss, managing and trying to keep the entire company afloat? Make them feel appreciated. When people are aware their presence or performances have meaning, the desire to stay and accomplish their tasks is greater.

Friday is National Bosses Day, and if you are grateful for your boss’ commitment to the company, appreciative for the day off yesterday or your boss simply stopped to ask how your weekend was, take a moment to thank him or her. We all like to feel appreciated now and then.