December 19, 2018 – DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, proudly announced that they acquired 12 new contractor memberships throughout 2018.EXPANDING DKI EXCELLENCE ACROSS THE U.S.

These 12 new additions to North America’s largest disaster restoration contractor organization bring a combined total of nearly 150 years of industry experience to DKI.  Each new member meets DKI’s strict and extensive membership requirements including full-service, and specifically, commercial-capable restoration services.

Through their DKI membership, each company will receive access to DKI’s cutting-edge technology, extensive training, access to national buying power from the country’s best suppliers, equipment and resources. Most importantly, they earn the advantage to “network” with the industry’s largest and most respected restoration contractors.

DKI’s CEO, Charles Ebersole commented, “DKI is thrilled on the progress we have made, as an organization, this year. We run a thorough vetting process to work with only the most professional and capable restoration contractors the industry has to offer. A few of these folks got thrown in the fire, literally and figuratively, as they joined only shortly before hurricane season, or prior to the California wildfires; but they stepped up and proved their solid abilities. I am proud to partner with each and every one of our new members from 2018 and look forward to what this coming new year will bring us.”

Additionally, in 2018, DKI had over 30 DKI members renew their DKI Membership, with 16 members expanding their territories.

If you are a commercial-capable property restoration company, interested in joining the national network of DKI, call (866) 233-9433. If you are a customer in need of repair services, visit or call 844-DKI-CALL to find a DKI contractor near you, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.