There are steps you can take to become more familiar with tornadoes and how to be prepared for one. Here are a few easy things that you can do today to become better acquainted:

  • Know the signs: Do you know if your area is prone to tornadoes? Typically, the Midwest and Southeast regions have tornadoes more often, however, tornadoes have been documented in every U.S. state. So, regardless of where you live, you should know the signs of one, such as how they look when forming and how they sound.
  • Sign up for alerts: Many areas have a community warning system to alert residents of major weather events or emergencies. Additionally, phone applications exist to notify you of extreme weather conditions.
  • Talk with your family: Have a plan. Discuss where you will go if there is a tornado threatening your home. Teach your family the signs of a tornado forming and where they should go if they experience an emergency outside the home. Also, have them sign up for an alert system.
  • Plan ahead: What will happen after the tornado? Organize important items, such as birth certificates, deeds, medical information, and other essential paperwork. It’s also helpful to have a list of phone numbers handy in the event you cannot use your cell phone. Include your family, close friends, schools, work, and even a tornado damage repair service on the list.

It’s easy to take a few steps today to ensure that you are more prepared.  For more on tornado preparedness, check out your local government’s website, along with national sites to see how you can stay safe.