August 31st 2023 marked the retirement of Bob Rouse, West Coast Sales Representative and former Director of DKI Operations.

Prior to Bob’s work at DKI, he worked for G2 Consultants, an Industrial Hygiene and Health and Safety Services consulting firm. At G2, Bob was the driving force behind building new efficiencies, tracking and reporting tools, and fostering important relationships with clients. He brought extensive past experience from the construction management and logistics industries, and was instrumental in bolstering the company’s exceptional growth and new service offerings.

At DKI, Bob continued to work with clients, as well as training team members on account management and new client acquisition. In 2021, Bob was instrumental in developing a multi-million dollar COVID cleaning project for fleet vehicles for a large company in the Northwest. In partnership with a local DKI provider, he developed the logistics to clean and sanitize hundreds of vehicles each night over a duration of almost six months.

In June of 2022, Bob took on the role of Director of DKI Operations. In January of 2023, Bob announced his retirement, but continued to work for DKI on a limited basis as a West Coast Sales Representative.

He is now fully retired, and looking forward to spending time with his wife, children, and numerous grandchildren.

Everyone at DKI would like to thank Bob Rouse for his numerous contributions to our organization, and we wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.