June 17, 2019 – DKI proudly announced a strategic partnership with the Restoration Industry Association, Inc. (RIA) to co-locate their annual member conference with RIA’s annual convention, beginning in 2020. This agreement enables each organization to continue to lead the industry with an enhanced educational focus and benefit a larger audience by allowing all attendees to meet in one central location.

DKI is the largest property restoration contracting organization in North America, with over 500 leading industry franchisee members throughout the United States and Canada. Each DKI member passes a thorough vetting process demonstrating its experience, credentials, licenses and expertise. Through an annual conference as well as training programs scheduled throughout each year, DKI ensures its members maintain knowledge and proper practices current with the industry.

RIA is the world’s largest trade association representing the restoration and reconstruction industry with over 1,100 member firms. To promote the highest ethical standards, RIA provides advanced contractor-specific education, professional practices, networking and advocacy for its members in order to advance the industry.

Previously, DKI and RIA, as leaders in restoration, each held its annual conference separately on different dates, with a focus on education aiming to develop the industry and to provide a foundation for its members to network and share best business practices. The DKI co-location with RIA allows both organizations to reach a broader audience within the industry, continue to grow their memberships and feature more innovative and specialized training and speaker sessions to strengthen the industry as a whole.

“We are excited to be the first organization to see the potential in achieving private meeting goals within the structure of a larger industry event to bring more value to all involved, our membership and the industry,” said DKI President and COO Matt Wright.

The DKI Annual Conference and RIA International Restoration Convention and Industry Expo will be held April 13 through 16 in 2020 in New Orleans, LA.

Kicking off with the DKI Annual Conference, featuring DKI-exclusive meetings and a reception, the week will then commence into RIA’s industry-wide event, with both DKI and RIA highlighting the latest restoration technology, trends, developments, and best business practices through training sessions, speaker presentations and over 100 company exhibits, including DKI ProSupply’s co-op vendors.

Details for registration will be coming soon.