We’ve compiled our fire safety blog posts for an easy reference for you. Whether you need tips for preventing wildfires near your workplace, a plan of action should one occur, or what to do after the fire is contained, DKI Commercial Solutions has you covered! Bookmark or save this post for future reference or, better yet, start preparing now!

Prepare Now!

Wildfires can occur anywhere at any time – It’s important to know your potential risks, be prepared and have a communication plan.

What to do if Driving Near a Wildfire

Since some jobs require driving, ensure you and your employees are safe on the road with these tips.

The Fire is Out… Now What?

The tips in this post can be useful for both workplace fires and wildfires nearby, that affect your place of business. Remember, minimal business interruption and employee safety are key!

Other useful information:

Remember the PASSword

This provides an easy to remember how-to process for using a fire extinguisher in the event you may need to help put out a small fire.

Treatment for Workplace Burns

This is a useful tool to identify types of burns and how to treat them.


NFPA Wildfire Safety Tips