Jan. 2, 2018 – The National Weather Service has put into effect freeze warnings and wind chill advisories over a widespread area from the Midwest and Plains into portions of the South and East through Wednesday, January 3, 2018. DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, wants to remind home and business owners that they are available to assist immediately with repair services, including water or mold damage from frozen or broken pipes.

“Each year we receive calls from customers with frozen or damaged pipes due to extreme cold weather conditions,” says DKI Commercial Solutions Vice President of Operations Bill Robinson. “Freezing temperatures can increase the risk of frozen pipes, which can result in heavy water damage or mold if not treated immediately. We want to make sure our customers know we are here to help them prevent these costly damages.”

DKI advises property owners to take proper precautions, including eliminating drafts near windows and doors, opening kitchen and bathroom cabinets to allow warmer air to circulate around pipes, keeping your thermostat set during day and night, and wrapping pipes in insulation.

As the temperatures plummet, water can freeze and expand, putting pressure on pipes. If a pipe breaks, it can quickly release hundreds of gallons of water, causing severe damage to several levels of floors, including basements and crawl spaces. Mold can also begin to grow quickly in these wet areas.

Should you experience a disruption in your water service, check to see if your pipes are frozen or damaged and if so, shut off the water immediately and call DKI’s 24/7 emergency line for help right away: 866-277-2977.

DKI’s team of trained and certified experts are ready to help in your time of need. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they can respond within two hours of your call. Their mission is to provide you peace of mind during a disaster. From the start, their scope of work, pricing and timeline will be communicated fully to you and your insurance company.