Many of you may currently be on Spring Break or are weighing your travel options for an upcoming vacation amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The vaccine rollout is underway across the country, but many popular vacation spots—including California, Florida, and Arizona—continue to struggle with high infection rates.

The ever-changing situation makes it difficult for families to understand the risks, let alone make travel plans. For many, the safest bet is to postpone a vacation until summer or fall when a higher percentage of the population has been vaccinated. However, if you have planned or are planning to travel for Spring Break, protect your health by following these safety tips.

  • Get tested: The CDC recommends COVID testing one to three days before travel. Postpone your trip if you test positive or the results are inconclusive.
  • Check COVID rates at your destination: Families are strongly advised to avoid traveling to areas with rising infection rates. Doing so only increases your risk of exposure.
  • Follow safety protocols: Even if you travel to a relatively low-risk area, continue to follow the recommended guidelines that have been in place for a year now—wear a mask, stay six feet away from others, avoid touching public surfaces, and wash your hands often.
  • Minimize close contact with others: Rather than spending the day at a crowded beach, rent a private balcony overlooking the sea. Instead of visiting a bustling theme park, take a hike in the secluded wilderness.
  • Travel by car if possible: Driving a private vehicle is safer than any form of public transportation. Plus, it eliminates the need to rent a car that others have used once you reach your destination.
  • Take precautions if you travel by plane: If you already have air travel booked, look for direct flights to reduce your time in the airport and eliminate the need to switch planes. Wear your mask the entire time, and opt for carry-on bags so no one else handles your luggage.
  • Stay in a vacation rental home: This gives your family a private place to stay away from other travelers. Just make sure the host has updated their safety protocols to protect guests.
  • Pack extra masks and hand sanitizer: Pack at least one mask per day for each family member to avoid re-wearing them. You may expect to find plenty of hand sanitizer in public places, but bring your own travel-size bottles containing at least 60% alcohol just in case.
  • Consider a staycation: Save your travel miles for a later time, and instead enjoy an at-home vacation for Spring Break. Make the most of your time off work and school by having a family game night, home spa day, barbecue, and backyard campout.

We wish you safe travels or a fun-filled staycation this Spring Break! If you are potentially exposed or test positive for COVID-19, rely on the professional cleanup crew at DKI for coronavirus cleaning and disinfection. We tackle outbreaks quickly and effectively to minimize the spread of the virus. To request services, please contact us today.