We spend a lot of time in our kitchen, so it only makes sense that every now and then damages occur. It isn’t just small damages here and there, bigger damages can also pop up in your kitchen. However, three big causes of damage can be easily prevented.

Fires can happen easily in an unattended kitchen. You should make sure all appliances are turned off after use and keep an eye on items that can start a grease fire. If a grease fire occurs, take action to smother the fire and don’t use water. Have someone call 911 while you take measures to put the fire out or move to safety.

Washing dishes and using the garbage disposal can cause pipes to clog. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to unclog your disposal safely. If the clog is too much to free yourself, call a plumber to make sure you don’t cause leaks in your pipes by trying to fix the problem yourself.

Finally, if you have older appliances, make sure that the parts are still in good condition and are not worn out. Older appliance parts can leak, causing water damage and eventually mold. Newer appliances can leak as well if not installed properly.

If you run into any kitchen mishaps, call DKI to help repair fire, water, or mold damages. Unlike many restoration companies, our teams will give you frequent updates, accurate timelines, and answer your questions along the way.