When you think of the ways water can damage a home, you might picture flash floods, storm surges and hurricanes. However, the most common causes of home water damage actually come from inside the house. While many sources of water damage are not nearly as dramatic as a catastrophic flood, they can still do plenty of harm. Learn more about the appliances and plumbing problems that can cause property damage and how to prevent them.

Air Conditioners

Your AC unit doesn’t just cool the air in your home – it also removes excess moisture. A cracked drain pan, clogged drain, dirty evaporator coil, low refrigerant or condensation buildup in the ductwork are all possible ways your air conditioner can cause water damage.

Annual air conditioner maintenance every spring is the best way to prevent water damage. Even if the unit seems to be working fine, schedule a routine inspection to clean and maintain the system.


As one of the hardest working appliances in your home, the dishwasher can quickly wreak havoc if something goes wrong. A worn gasket, broken door latch, loose hose connection, defective tub or wrong detergent can all result in water damage.

Check for leaks around and under the dishwasher regularly and repair them before running the appliance again. To prevent the possibility of extensive water damage, never run the dishwasher while you’re away or sleeping.

Washing Machines

More than half of all water damage insurance claims related to washing machines can be traced to the water supply hoses. There might be a hairline crack caused by a kinked hose, a poor connection at the appliance or the wall, or a brittle hose that has simply worn out.

If your rubber supply hoses are more than five years old, replace them with steel braided versions. Then, check for water behind and beneath the washing machine every time you run it. Shut off the intake valve behind the washer at the first sign of trouble.

Leaky Pipes & Fixtures

Loose-fitting joints, frozen and burst pipes, and water heater corrosion are all possible ways your plumbing can cause home water damage.

Inspect exposed pipes regularly for signs of leaks. If you notice a spike in your water bill, you could have a hidden problem somewhere. Then, maintain your water heater annually to help prevent corrosion.

Backed Up Drains

Whether the sink is backed up or the toilet is clogged, an overflowing drain is no fun. Sewer water is dangerous because it contains harmful bacteria, so the mess must be cleaned up by a professional.

Schedule routine plumbing maintenance to prevent clogs before they form. Also, be careful about what goes down the drain, and only flush toilet paper and human waste.

If any of these causes of home water damage have occurred on your property, please contact DKI Services at 877-533-0210 to request water damage cleanup. We can also provide you with more tips to prevent property damage in the future.