If your home is damaged in a fire, flood, or natural disaster, the restoration contractor you hire can make all the difference during the recovery process. Follow these tips to help you choose the best company for the job.

Seek Recommendations

Start by asking friends and neighbors about the restoration contractors they have used in the past. If you file a homeowner’s insurance claim, your agent may have some recommendations for you as well.

Read Reviews & Ask for References

Satisfied customers are a testament to a restoration contractor’s professionalism and expertise. Find reviews online by checking Google, the company’s website, or third-party sites like Angie’s List.

You can also ask contractors for references that you can contact directly. You might ask their references questions such as:

  • Was the project completed on time and on budget?
  • Were you satisfied with the restoration work?
  • Did the contractor make any mistakes? If so, how did they correct the error?
  • Do you recommend the contractor?

Consider Experience

The number of years a restoration contractor has been in business conveys much about their ability to get the job done. In addition to considering the company’s overall experience, take into account how many projects they have completed that are similar to yours.

Look into License Numbers, Certifications, and Insurance Coverage

Licensing proves that the contractor meets industry standards and is registered to work in the area. Certifications are needed to perform specialized work, such as damage assessment and reconstruction. Insurance gives you peace of mind by removing liability from you, should an incident occur during the project. Make sure you hire a contractor that has all three of these.

Ask About Subcontractors

Find out who will be doing the bulk of the restoration work—the contractor or a subcontractor. This is important information because it could affect who works in your home and may impact what would happen if the contractor couldn’t pay the subcontractor for their labor.

Get Project Bids

Once you have a short list of contractors you feel comfortable working with, ask for a bid from each one. This may involve a company representative coming to your home to assess the damage.

While you may not want to choose the highest bid, a lowball bid could be the wrong choice as well. A contractor who bids too low may cut corners or tack on hidden fees to raise the final cost. A middle-of-the-road estimate may be the best way to go.

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