Creating a Family Disaster Plan

Emergencies often strike without warning. By the time a flood, fire, earthquake or tornado is upon you, it’s too late to devise a plan. That’s why you need to sit down with your loved ones and create a family disaster plan today. Decide how everyone will get in touch, where you’ll meet and what you’ll do in an emergency. This… Continue reading

Hurricane Preparation Checklist

Hurricanes are some of the most destructive storm systems that can occur on our planet. They form over warm water and cause devastation when they make landfall. Powerful winds, heavy rains, damaging storm surges, landslides and flooding are just some of the potential threats of these storms. The ravages of hurricane season last until November 30. Now that winter has… Continue reading

Fireplace Safety Tips

There’s nothing like curling up by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book. This is an inviting scene, but without the proper precautions, a stray spark could do serious damage to your home. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), heating equipment starts more than 54,000 home structure fires each year, causing 480 civilian… Continue reading

Preparing Your Home for Winter Hazards

Winter is known for hazardous weather conditions that can cause extensive property damage. Heavy snow can collapse roofs. High winds can damage siding. Ice can accumulate in the gutters, causing ice dams and leaky shingles. Bitter temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and burst. With so many winter hazards to watch out for, you would be wise to prepare your… Continue reading

Preventing Holiday House Fires

The holidays are a time for relaxing and enjoying the company of good friends and family. Unfortunately, a house fire can quickly dampen the festive spirit. Stay safe with these tips for preventing holiday house fires. Christmas Trees About 170 Christmas tree fires start in the US every holiday season. When flames ignite in or spread to a Christmas tree,… Continue reading

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

If you live in a cold climate, there’s a real possibility your pipes could freeze this winter. If ice forms in your plumbing, the resulting pressure could cause the pipes to burst, causing localized water damage and possible home flooding. Fortunately, with a bit of prevention, you can keep your pipes free of ice this winter. Just follow these tips.… Continue reading

Autumn Safety Tips

When the seasons change, homeowners focus on outdoor cleanup and preparing the house for colder temperatures. This involves many tasks that could potentially cause injury, including: Raking and disposing of leaves Cleaning the gutters Pruning trees and bushes Fertilizing and aerating the lawn Installing storm windows Winterizing the sprinkler system These tasks involve hauling out and using rakes, leaf blowers,… Continue reading

When Was The Last Time You Completed These Fire Prevention Tasks?

You’ve heard all of the preventative steps, you’ve prepped your employees, and your building is up to code. However, the easiest prevention methods are usually the most overlooked. Some of the biggest ways to avoid needing fire damage restoration services are usually some of the quickest to check. Inspect these things today and be sure to set reminders accordingly: Smoke… Continue reading

Why Timeliness Counts With Fire Damage Restoration Services

While you can do your best to prevent fires, sometimes the unexpected can happen. DKI provides top quality fire damage restoration services that can help you return your home or business to normal. However, time is of the essence and you should find and call a restoration service sooner rather than later. Fires can cause a variety of damages such… Continue reading

Are You Ready for A Major Storm?

Starting in the summer, hurricane season can creep up on us since we’re usually distracted by the activities of the season. By now, you know the basics of hurricane preparedness. Stocking up on non-perishable food, knowing evacuation routes, and being informed on how to prep your business are all part of the preparation. But, we bet you’ve forgotten some of… Continue reading