Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Sept 18, 2014 By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC In observance of National Preparedness Month, here are a few tips to prepare your place of business for an emergency disaster. Emergencies can strike at any time, and can range from fires and floods to tornadoes and earthquakes. It’s important to be prepared – know your region and have a plan.… Continue reading

Personal Evaluation…Would You Hire You?

Sept. 24, 2014 By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC How you dress in the workplace might affect your clients and others within the company. People tend to form judgments of another person based on first impressions – usually one’s physical appearance. Here are some tips to help you “dress for success:” Size Matters: Tailor your suits. Avoid clothing too baggy… Continue reading

Do You Know the Truth About Lightning?

June 19, 2014 By: Zack Miller, DKI Ventures, LLC How much do you REALLY know about lightning and what it is capable of? Although it may not seem like a threat to our society, lightning is actually more deadly than you would think. According to National Geographic News, it is considered to be “one of the leading weather-related causes of… Continue reading