10 Kitchen Hazards that Create a Recipe for Disaster


You may think of the kitchen as a relaxing place for family and friends to gather. However, the heart of your home can also be more hazardous than you probably realize. Here are the 10 most common kitchen hazards and how to avoid them. No fire extinguisher: You hope you never need to use it, but having a fire extinguisher… Continue reading

How to Teach Kids About School Fire Safety


Is it back-to-school season already? As kids become accustomed to their new schedules, fire safety should be on everyone’s minds. Whether you’re a parent or teacher, be sure to cover these fire safety topics with your children or students. Stop, Drop, and Roll The thought of having your clothes or hair catch fire is pretty terrifying. If you panic, you… Continue reading

The Effects of High Humidity on Indoor Air Quality


When you think about home comfort, the temperature might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, humidity is also a critical component of indoor comfort and air quality. Dry air is a concern in the winter, but high humidity can be even more damaging in the summer. Learn how buildings can become too humid and why a damp… Continue reading

Recovering from Water Damage: The Importance of Rapid Structural Drying

Reflection in a puddle of an adult man at destroyed ruined building 2

From a flood, to a burst pipe, to a leaky roof, numerous events can cause water damage in your home. The key to preventing mold and the damage that comes with it is to dry the structure as quickly as possible. Here are the principles behind rapid structural drying that DKI utilizes when performing water damage restoration. Water Extraction &… Continue reading

What Can I Salvage After Water or Mold Damage?

Destroy laptop during a hurricane

When your personal belongings and keepsakes are damaged by water and mold, the question of what to keep and what to throw away is about more than just monetary value – it’s also about sentimental value. Learn what you must throw away and what you might be able to salvage after your belongings are damaged by water or mold. What… Continue reading

Wildfire Preparation and Survival Tips

A view of the spreading flames from the Canyon Fire 2 wildfire in Anaheim Hills and the City of Orange

The damage caused by wildfires worsens every year as droughts become more common and communities pop up near or within wildland areas. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that more than 58,000 wildfires burned across the US in 2018, destroying over 25,000 structures, including 18,000 homes. California was the hardest-hit state last year, but wildfires occur coast… Continue reading

Remediating Crawl Space Mold

Man inspecting for termites in crawl space 2

Does your house have an unfinished space below the main living area? Crawl spaces and basements are prized for adding extra storage and square footage to a home, but they are also prime locations for mold to grow. Learn more about crawl space mold, why it matters and how to prevent it. What is Crawl Space Mold? All types of… Continue reading

My Tree is Sick: What Should I Do?

Bench surrounded by trees in a park

  Trees are some of the most desirable aspects of your yard. They provide shade, act as windbreakers, produce fresh air and beautify the landscape. The trouble starts when a tree becomes diseased. Here’s how to tell your tree is sick, how to treat it and ways to prevent tree diseases in the future. Symptoms of a Sick Tree Watch… Continue reading

The Importance of Fire Protection Equipment

Man extinguishing a microwave with smoke coming out of it

As a responsible home or business owner, it’s vital to prepare for a possible fire. This means having the proper fire protection equipment installed and in good working order. Here are four different kinds of fire safety equipment that can protect your home or business. Smoke Detectors Every home and business should have smoke detectors. If your unit starts beeping,… Continue reading

FAQs About Mold and Your Health

Mid adult male patient describing a chest pain to his doctor.

Mold is a vital part of the decomposition process. It breaks down dead plant and animal matter and recycles it into the environment. However, mold growing in your house can be harmful to your health. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about mold and its effect on you and your family. How and where am I exposed… Continue reading