What to Do When a Basement Floods

Front yard of home flooded up to front door

Examine the Exterior – A flooded basement can be a sign of structural damage to the exterior of your property. Look for signs of deterioration. Do not enter your basement if the exterior appears structurally unsound, as it can be extremely dangerous. Turn off Utilities – Before entering your basement, turn off your electricity and gas. Water is a conductor,… Continue reading

What to do After a Fire

Home and car on fire

Make Some Phone Calls – Assuming first responders have already been called and are working on putting out the fire, the first thing you need to do is contact family members. Give them any necessary information, including updates on your safety. Next, call your insurance provider. It is important to get in touch with the insurance company as soon as… Continue reading

3 Easy Hacks for a Clogged Drain

Sink with dark counters and blue-green wall

When it takes a couple seconds for your sink to drain or there’s a strange odor coming from the pipes, it might be time to investigate and unclog your drain. Unfortunately, throwing out the visible gunk at the top of the drain is not always enough. Unclogging can require remediation, ranging from easy at-home methods that won’t ruin your pipes… Continue reading

Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Care Checklist

Smoke detector on black background

We have all heard it: the chirp of a smoke alarm asking for new batteries. While every so often they become a pestering headache, we often take smoke alarms for granted and forget to perform regular maintenance on them. They are though, in fact, the most important appliances we have, as they can prevent fire damage and injury. With spring… Continue reading

Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring Cleaning

Field of purple flowers with a yellow car and white house with black shingles in the background

With temperatures starting to rise and the warm weather coming to many snow-ridden cities, you might be starting your annual spring cleaning routine. The spring sunlight has a way of exposing home issues that require maintenance and care. When following your regularly scheduled spring cleaning, it might be time to check for damage in the following areas that may have… Continue reading

Water Damage Tips for Landlords/Property Managers

Living room flooded

Water damage can occur when we least expect it. Whether it is caused by broken pipes or a blocked drain, water damage can quickly become a mold/mildew problem for the landlord and the tenant. DKI Services is here to provide water damage tips for landlords to prevent the need for emergency water damage restoration: Open communication with renters – Your… Continue reading

Preparing a Healthcare Facility for a Major Storm

A storm rolling in over a city

Even after starting a new year, we have only recently begun to understand the tragedy and destruction left behind by the hurricane season of 2017. With an estimated cost of over $200 billion from Hurricanes Maria, Irma, and Harvey, last year’s hurricane season brought some of the most dangerous and expensive hurricanes to the United States. To prepare for this… Continue reading

Reopening a Healthcare Facility after Major Water Damage

Doctors and nurses in the hallway of a hospital

When a crisis hits, many people turn to hospitals for safety and recovery. However, this can be disrupted if too much water damage causes a healthcare facility to close down for days or weeks. Even after water has been extracted, hospitals can continue to suffer the consequences of mold or mildew caused by leaks or flooding. Follow these important steps… Continue reading

How to Protect Your Home When Lightning Strikes

Lightning storm over a business

Over the past few years, lightning strikes have become an increasingly greater threat to homes, businesses, and communities everywhere. With the ability to hold over 100 million volts of electricity, one bolt can rip through powerful structures or cause power surges in large neighborhoods with no warning. That is why it is important to keep you, your family, and your… Continue reading

Tips for Creating a Fire Prevention Plan for School

Old school classroom with blackboards and desks

Fire-safety around school campuses has become a large concern for education administrators around the US. Although small fires, when detected, can be resolved in a matter of minutes, it can also take only a few seconds for a spark to explode into much larger, more powerful flames. It’s important to know these strategies for creating a fire prevention plan for… Continue reading