Feb 1, 2016

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

According to OSHA, fires and explosions in the workplace injure more than 5,000 American workers each year! Workplace burns account for approximately a quarter of all serious burns.

This week, National Burn Awareness Week, is the perfect opportunity to remind your employees of fire and burn hazards in the workplace, and the proper techniques to prevent these threats. Burns can be damaging, not only to a person’s appearance, but also to their health, affecting their level of work performance and natural lifestyle.

Make sure to discuss all potential burn hazards with your staff and create a plan of action should a dangerous situation occur. Keep in mind the following points while training your employees on safety.

  • Depending on the work performed, use the proper equipment, make sure your employees are trained how to use it, and wear appropriate protective clothing.
  • Keep open flames away from walls and flammable materials.
  • Store and handle chemicals correctly. Ensure warning labels are displayed noticeably.
  • Have a first aid kit on hand, and make sure each employee knows where this is kept.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher easily accessible in each facility, and train your employees on proper usage.
  • Create an escape plan and ensure each employee knows it and their designated role, if necessary.