When the seasons change, homeowners focus on outdoor cleanup and preparing the house for colder temperatures. This involves many tasks that could potentially cause injury, including:

  • Raking and disposing of leaves
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Pruning trees and bushes
  • Fertilizing and aerating the lawn
  • Installing storm windows
  • Winterizing the sprinkler system

These tasks involve hauling out and using rakes, leaf blowers, ladders, lawn mowers and other equipment. To minimize the risk of personal injury and pain, adhere to these autumn safety tips:

  • Go on a brisk walk and stretch your muscles to warm up before beginning a rigorous task. Take frequent breaks to avoid overexerting yourself.
  • Use the correct posture when lifting and carrying heavy items. Bend at the knees to bring your entire body down to the level of the object you want to pick up. Keep your back straight and lift with your legs. Carry the item as close to your body as possible. When changing directions, turn your feet rather than twisting your spine.
  • Recognize when something is too heavy for you to handle. If you find yourself straining to lift a bag of yard waste or heavy equipment, ask another person for help.
  • Dress in lightweight clothing made of natural fibers that keeps your body warm in chilly weather without trapping sweat against your skin.
  • Wear safety gear when necessary. For instance, gloves protect your hands while handling sharp branches; safety goggles guard your eyes against flying debris, and ear protection prevents damaging your hearing while operating lawn mowers and leaf blowers.
  • Practice ladder safety. Choose a sturdy fiberglass or aluminum ladder, preferably one with a shelf to hold a bucket for collecting debris. Make sure the ladder is in good condition, with no loose screws, rungs or hinges. Place the ladder on a firm surface and lock it in place. Tell your family members when you’re about to climb, so they know to use caution if they come outside.

If you stumble upon any water damage or mold growth during your autumn home and yard cleanup, DKI Services can help. As the largest disaster restoration contractor in North America, we offer cost-effective solutions for homeowners and property managers. To schedule services in your area, please contact us at 877-533-0210.