3 Easy Hacks for a Clogged Drain

When it takes a couple seconds for your sink to drain or there’s a strange odor coming from the pipes, it might be time to investigate and unclog your drain. Unfortunately, throwing out the visible gunk at the top of the drain is not always enough. Unclogging can require remediation, ranging from easy at-home methods that won’t ruin your pipes to emergency water damage restoration from a professional. Check out these three easy hacks for clearing a clogged drain in your sink: Continue reading “3 Easy Hacks for a Clogged Drain”

Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Care Checklist

We have all heard it: the chirp of a smoke alarm asking for new batteries. While every so often they become a pestering headache, we often take smoke alarms for granted and forget to perform regular maintenance on them. They are though, in fact, the most important appliances we have, as they can prevent fire damage and injury. With spring cleaning time among us, make sure you follow this easy smoke alarm maintenance checklist: Continue reading “Smoke Alarm Maintenance & Care Checklist”

Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring Cleaning

With temperatures starting to rise and the warm weather coming to many snow-ridden cities, you might be starting your annual spring cleaning routine. The spring sunlight has a way of exposing home issues that require maintenance and care. When following your regularly scheduled spring cleaning, it might be time to check for damage in the following areas that may have been affected by the cold weather: Continue reading “Home Maintenance Checklist for Spring Cleaning”

What to Do After a Tornado

Tornadoes have the ability to last between several seconds to over an hour. While tornados will typically last about 10 minutes, these storms have the power to cause extreme damage and injury in just a matter of seconds. However, once the storm seems to have vanished, there is still a high chance of residual damage caused by strong winds or debris. Follow these steps to remain safe after a tornado has passed: Continue reading “What to Do After a Tornado”

Reduce the Risk of Tornado Damage in Businesses

As we welcome spring with open arms, we also witness the beginning of tornado season in the U.S., which typically lasts from March until July. While we’ve previously provided tornado safety tips, we wanted to take the time to shift focus to the risk of tornado damage on commercial structures. Under normal circumstances, small gusts of wind are the least of your worries.  But, tornadoes have the ability to gain power in a matter of minutes, so it is always important to be prepared for the worst. Keep your commercial property safe from tornado damage with these precautionary steps: Continue reading “Reduce the Risk of Tornado Damage in Businesses”

Restoration Services for Healthcare Facilities

When disaster hits, many people turn to hospitals and healthcare facilities for critical care and safety. DKI Healthcare Services is aware of the unique safety precautions that hospitals are required to uphold for an effortless restoration. That’s why in 2017, DKI Commercial Solutions launched our DKI Healthcare Services for damage restoration. Learn how DKI can help your hospital or medical facility: Continue reading “Restoration Services for Healthcare Facilities”

How to Inspect Your Roof for Wind Damage

After a major storm, the first thing you want to do is relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. However, this is also the best time to check your home for storm damage, even if there wasn’t heavy rain or hail. The presence of strong winds can still weaken and destroy your roof. Follow these easy steps to inspect your roof after a disaster: Continue reading “How to Inspect Your Roof for Wind Damage”

Mold Prevention Tips for the Kitchen

From leaky faucets to spoiled food in the refrigerator, there are countless reasons why mold growth is so common in kitchens and similar type spaces (ex. office break room). Constant exposure to heat and moisture makes any kitchen a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew. Check out our prevention tips to avoid the need for mold removal services in your kitchen: Continue reading “Mold Prevention Tips for the Kitchen”