Starting in the summer, hurricane season can creep up on us since we’re usually distracted by the activities of the season. By now, you know the basics of hurricane preparedness. Stocking up on non-perishable food, knowing evacuation routes, and being informed on how to prep your business are all part of the preparation. But, we bet you’ve forgotten some of the smaller items that can make weathering the storm before and after more safe and comfortable. Take a minute to make sure you either have or know where the following items are:

  • Candles/Lanterns: You don’t want to be stuck in the dark! Be sure you have unscented, long lasting candles that can be safely used for long periods of time. Also, a battery operated lantern is a great call for family rooms and keeping busy during the storm.
  • Radio: Where do you get your news once the power is down? Or when cell service is down? A battery operated radio is a great way to make sure you’re in the know during severe weather. Plus, most small radios cost $25 or less!
  • Phone Chargers: Having a few pre-charged phone chargers is great to ensure that you have a form of communication even when you have a low battery. You can get an external charger at any local convenience store and will charge in just a couple of hours.
  • Tarps and Duct Tape: Need to fix something in a pinch? It’s great to have extra tarps, duct tape and nails on hand in the event something needs to be covered or repaired quickly.

The little things can make all the difference during a storm. For a full list of items you need during a storm, be sure to check your local and national resources. Also, don’t forget to have a list of storm restoration companies on hand for after the storm. DKI Services can quickly respond and work to repair the damage before most companies can. Call us today to learn more and prep for the storm.