Unfortunately with the droughts, high heat, lower humidity, and heavy winds in parts of the country, wildfires are more prevalent this time of year. It’s important to be prepared.

Share the below safety information with all business or home owners.

Always pay attention to the news and warnings. Even if you are not within the area(s) that evacuations are ordered, you may still be at risk for smoke advisories. Smoke can travel miles away, especially in high wind conditions. Inhaling this smoke can cause sinus irritation, burning eyes and respiratory issues. It can be dangerous to one’s health, even if they do not have pre-existing conditions.

To avoid these health effects, check your Air Quality Index. If you are within an unhealthy level, you should remain indoors with all windows and doors closed shut and your HVAC unit turned on. That’s right, your HVAC unit is not just for comfort, but also for safety. Using your HVAC unit can help purify the air indoors, making it more breathable.

However, it will only keep the air safe if it has been properly maintained. Make sure to replace your air filter every one to six months. Air filters vary, so consult the recommendation for replacement when you purchase your specific air filter.