Jan. 3, 2018 – DKI, North America’s largest disaster restoration contracting organization, today announced that Absolute DKI, formerly Absolute Restoration, LLC, of Mount Pleasant, WI, has joined the DKI network.

By virtue of its DKI franchise membership, Absolute DKI can employ DKI’s 24-hour call center, claims tracking technology, and other tools to enhance its ability to serve its customers. The new member company also gains access to DKI’s training seminars and workshops, which ensure that it remains abreast of all changes in this rapidly evolving industry.

“We are excited to welcome Absolute DKI into our growing DKI network,” said Charles Ebersole, DKI’s CEO. “Their commitment to excellent customer service, professionalism and sense of urgency parallels our solid reputation of service and quality. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Absolute Restoration Owner Tom Blackler is pleased that the company has been recognized by DKI as a quality restoration firm, meeting the high standards of DKI.  Being a part of the DKI network provides them the opportunity to work in partnership with other quality organizations. The DKI network allows Absolute Restoration to expand their scope of service, introduces them to new markets and ensures the company’s success long into the future.

In addition to the benefits of DKI’s technology and training capabilities, Absolute Restoration will also be able to utilize the DKI branding in its marketing efforts, participate in its various co-op programs, and leverage DKI’s corporate marketing efforts.

About Absolute DKI

Absolute DKI provides property restoration services to residential and commercial clients in Mount Pleasant, WI and its surrounding areas. With nearly a decade of industry experience, training and credentialing, their expert team is always ready help home and business owners following water, smoke or tornado damage. To learn more, visit www.trustabsolute.com or call 866-328-8383.