Find a Safe Place – The first thing you need to do when you hear that tornado siren is get to a safe area. If you are in a mobile facility, go to a sturdy building or storm shelter nearby. If you cannot get to a building, do not attempt to drive away; find a ditch, get down in it and cover your head. If you can get to a basement, do so right away, but avoid using elevators to get there in case the power goes out and leaves you stranded.

Get away from Windows – Strong wind and hail can shatter windows and blow glass shards into the building. When looking for a safe space to hide out, make sure you are as far away from all windows as possible.

If You are Driving – If a tornado hits while you are driving, try to get to a sturdy building and shelter there. If you cannot get to a building in time, get as far away from your vehicle as possible. Just like we mentioned under Find a Safe Place, hunker down in a ditch if you have to. Never hide under an overpass during a tornado, as it can fall on you if damaged.

Get a Helmet –If you own a bike helmet or helmet of any kind, put it on. It can protect you from debris if your structure is hit. Make sure to take cover in any covered and secure building.

Leash your Pets – Make sure all of your pets are on a leash or in a carrier and bring them with you to shelter from the storm. Make sure their collar is securely on. If your home is damaged, the area may not look familiar to them anymore, and they can wander off and get lost if they are not leashed or crated.

Survey Damage – After the storm, contact DKI to clean up any tornado damage your business may have suffered. DKI Commercial Solutions can help with damage restoration services in healthcare facilities, offices, residences, educational facilities, and more.