When you think about New Year resolutions, exercise and diet plans may initially spring to mind. Setting personal health goals is great, but what about resolving to improve the health of your home? With these six New Year resolutions, you can help prevent water damage in 2022 and beyond.

Resolve to Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump shields your home against rising groundwater during heavy downpours. The pump activates when rising water fills the sump pit, which is installed at the lowest point in your basement. The device then pumps the water away from your home, where it can safely flow into a nearby storm drain.

Consider Installing Backflow Valves

During heavy use or torrential rainfall, sewer systems can become inundated. If sewage has nowhere else to go, it may back up into your sinks, bathtubs, dishwasher, or washing machine. The damage escalates if these fixtures and appliances overflow. Installing backflow valves and plugs in your sewer line is an effective way to prevent this scenario.

Set a Goal to Clean Your Gutters

We recommend cleaning leaf litter and other debris from your gutters once in the spring and again in the fall. By setting a goal to follow this schedule, you’ll help rainwater drain properly from your roof. This protects your windows, doors, siding, and foundation from water damage.

Aim to Use Your Septic System Properly

If you live in a rural setting, you may have a septic tank. Preventing backups and other issues requires careful use of your septic system. For instance, avoid harsh chemical cleaners, only flush septic-safe toilet paper, and limit your water use during heavy rains. You may also decide to install a flood alarm to make you aware of rising water levels that could lead to a septic backup.

Remember to Check for Leaks

One great way to prevent water damage is to catch and fix leaks as quickly as possible. Resolve to inspect the areas around your plumbing fixtures and appliances for signs of leaks at least once a month. If needed, tighten loose pipe connections, replace faulty water shut-off valves, and repair leaky faucets to stop water damage in its tracks.

Opt to Inspect the Roof

Your roof takes the brunt of every storm that strikes your area. Over time, damaged and missing shingles may cause roof leaks. Before you even know there’s an issue, mold growth, ruined insulation, rotting wood, and other structural damage may occur in the attic. Stop all of this before it starts by setting a goal to proactively inspect your roof after every hailstorm.

If you end up facing water damage this year, DKI can help you recover. As the largest network of disaster restoration companies in North America, we are available to service you anywhere. Contact us at 877-533-0210 any time of day or night, and we’ll arrive on-site within two hours to begin the water damage remediation process.