Summer is coming to an end, and school is about to start up again for your kids. This is usually the time you try to schedule in that last family summer vacation. As you start your planning though, consider these safety tips.

  1. Check the Weather

It’s important to always check the weather forecast before you book your trip. If you’re planning on lying on the beach all day, you may be sorry if a storm is headed in or you experience a rip tide warning during your stay. Also, check the weather reports again a week before and throughout the week you plan to leave, so you can pack appropriately. Weather can be inconsistent, and you want to ensure you and your family are fully prepared.

  1. Keep Your Home Safe

Have a trusted family member or neighbor occasionally check on your home while you are gone. They can pick up your mail and/or newspaper if you didn’t issue a mail stop, move your trash cans, water your plants, etc., just to show a little activity at your house. You don’t want to be a target for burglars. In addition, refrain from posting about your travels on social media. This can be done upon your return, and will avoid attempted break-ins while you are away.

  1. Travel Safely

Whether you are traveling by plane or car, make sure make sure everyone is properly buckled up, and keep kids occupied with books, toys or movies to avoid any distractions to the driver.

If you are driving to your destination, check that your vehicle has been properly maintained and is suitable for the road conditions during your trip.

  1. Plan for Emergencies

Emergencies happen, and everyone in your party should be prepared on how to handle one. Communicate your plan of action and keep an emergency kit on hand with supplies, first aid, important phone numbers and information.

Whether you plan to visit out-of-state relatives, or relax in a sunny beach location, following the above safety tips and communicating an emergency plan with your entire travel party, will help you have peace of mind and a fun and safe vacation.