Sept 29, 2015

By: Chelsea Haley, DKI Ventures, LLC

Let’s face it – No one likes solicitors.

But, soliciting your business is how you develop leads, right? If so, how does this work when businesses and households hang signs near their doors, refusing solicitation, or solicitors receive the constant hang-up the second the receiver realizes the phone call is a “sales call?”

Be an Average Joe – Be relatable. If you do your homework ahead of time and try to “fit in,” they may be more compliant to listen.

Be empathetic

In this industry, we constantly deal with customers whose lives have just been turned upside down from a catastrophe. Strutting in to meet them with a big, cheesy smile on your face and enthusiastic voice, might not be the best approach in this situation. Be friendly, smile, shake hands, maintain eye contact while they listen, and while they speak. But, use a calmer voice, a personable smile. Customers react to outside emotions. Don’t sound as if you pity them; speak as if you are there to help them, and reflect that on your face, in your eyes – After all, that is why you are there, right?

Dress the part

Look presentable, but try not to stand out. If you are walking into an office setting, consider wearing slacks and a button-up shirt or a professional dress. However, this sort of ensemble may turn heads if you walk on to a construction site. We wouldn’t recommend wearing a ratty shirt and coveralls, but tennis shoes and jeans with a polo may be more appropriate in this setting. Know your audience and dress appropriately.

Clean and maintain your equipment

While good hygiene and physical appearance is important, so is having well-kept clean equipment and supplies. If you believe in equipment maintenance, then your potential customers may believe you will take good care of their property.