The DKI IHHS team is pleased to announce that we have recently brought on two new team members, Sean Stewart as a Project Specialist and Shauntel Young as a Industrial Hygiene (IH) & Safety Project Manager.

Both Sean and Shauntel are based out of our Lake Oswego, OR, office. Using their extensive industry experience and background in science and related fields, they are already hard at work helping our clients maintain and achieve regulatory compliance. Additionally, Shauntel’s responsibilities include providing safety training services to clients, performing complex industrial hygiene assessments, and conducting site safety evaluations for general industry and construction clients. Sean’s work involves conducting field assessments, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, and indoor environmental quality, which are performed to mitigate risk and promote safer and healthier work environments for DKI’s IHHS clients.

The experience, expertise, and work ethic that Sean and Shauntel have already displayed make them invaluable assets to DKI’s IHHS team, as well as to our clients.

Sean Stewart

Sean has a degree in biology and began his hazardous material consulting career as an intern at Shipmate, Inc. He then transitioned into a field position in forestry consulting working for Pacific Gas and Electric and Portland General Electric. Prior to joining DKI’s IHHS team, Sean worked as a GIS specialist for another utility company in Portland.

In his free time, Sean enjoys white-water kayaking, scuba diving and fishing.

Shauntel Young

Shauntel is from Alaska, where she spent over 20 years in the risk management and safety field for the oil and gas industry. Shauntel also has a skilled background in legal, human resources, construction, chemical manufacturing, and other supporting industries.

Outside of her passion for safety, Shauntel enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and friends, gardening, painting, and live music.