7 Holiday Safety Tips

7 Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays are a time to gather with family and friends, enjoy good food, and make plenty of memories. But don’t let the festivities override the need for safety. Follow these seven holiday safety tips to reduce the risk of home fires and other hazards as you celebrate the season. Holiday light safety: Before plugging in a strand of lights,… Continue reading

How to Remove Unwanted Smells in Your Home

Young Indian woman in saree opening window because of extreme summer heat

If you have stinky rooms in your house, you may be looking for ways to freshen the air. Some odors signal possible health hazards, such as mold growth or decomposing remains, while others simply smell unpleasant. Here’s how to find and remove unwanted smells at the source. How to Remove Musty Smells A musty odor is a sure sign of… Continue reading

How Smoke Damages Electronics

To smoke a faulty personal computer with the side cover removed.

Phones, computers, TVs, manufacturing equipment, and other electronics are a vital part of modern-day life. They accomplish everything from information storage and entertainment, to communication and critical business operations. Unfortunately, all of this can be lost in an instant if your electronics are damaged in a fire. Even if they escape the flames, smoke and soot can sometimes cause irreparable… Continue reading

What is Deodorization?

What is Deodorization

Lingering odors are a common concern after a fire or flood. If you’re struggling with this problem, learn about why you might need deodorization services from DKI. Sources of Odors After a Disaster When you think about recovering from a fire, you might picture cleaning ashes and soot from the surfaces in your home or business. Likewise, you may assume… Continue reading